Replacement Plan and Permit Application Preparation Services

If a delineation has revealed wetlands on your site, you will very likely need a Replacement Plan Application (RPA) or a Permit Application (PA) before altering a wetland in almost any way.


SER has the knowledge of permitting processes you need to get the appropriate permits to the people who need them quickly. This can save your project both time and money.


Activities which impact or potentially impact wetlands are currently regulated at several levels of government. To avoid project delays and avoid potential civil and criminal penalties, it is essential that you acquire necessary permits from all jurisdictional agencies before initiating wetland-altering activities.


If the wetland impact is very small and meets certain criteria, a Permit Application (PA) to the Corps may be all that is necessary. Otherwise, a more involved Replacement Plan Application (RPA) may be needed.


Preparation of an RPA or PA requires detailed documentation describing project impacts and mitigative measures. SER can fill out the appropriate permits for your project then submit them to the Corps of Engineers and other appropriate agencies for review.


We will review your site and grading plans, as provided by your project engineers, to evaluate wetland impacts. SER can help you select appropriate wetland mitigation sites or help you find mitigation banking credit as necessary. We will make recommendations in the design of replacement areas to promote the ecological success of the new wetland areas. In addition, we will coordinate with the Corps and any other necessary regulatory agencies to determine the schedule required for formal submission of all documentation necessary for wetland impacts.


Although we cannot guarantee the approval of the wetland RPA or PA, our experience with the Wetland Conservation Act and Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, as well as our knowledge of the ecology of wetlands, will give your project the best possible representation.


If you needed to construct mitigation wetlands due to wetland impacts, SER can also perform monitoring services required during the mandatory wetland monitoring period.

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