Mitigation Banking Services

SER has experience in both the creation of mitigation banks and in assisting interested parties in purchasing credits from mitigation banks.


Bank Creation

If you are interested in creating a wetland bank, SER will serve as your agent and representative in the creation of a wetland bank and sale of wetland bank credits on your behalf. Our services include assisting in restoration, bank creation, and promoting the sale of credits.


First, SER will assist in mitigation bank design, creation, and monitoring. We will distribute all necessary permits needed by various agencies for the development of a wetland bank.


Development of a wetland bank will include a Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP) meeting between various government agencies to gain their input on the ability of your site to establish wetlands. SER will act as your representative, and will incorporate agency suggestions into the plan.


SER can then monitor your created wetlands for the 5 year mandatory monitoring period required for most Minnesota projects involving wetland creation.


When the credits are approved by your local government unit, we will produce the materials you need in order to help you sell your banking credits, or help you with credit transfer if you will use your bank for your own projects. SER will work on your behalf to encourage LGUs to allow local developers to accept your bank as a highly desirable alternative to on-site mitigation.


SER will work with an attorney of our choosing, subject to your approval, to close any mitigation bank transactions where attorney involvement is necessary.


Purchasing Credits

SER will find a nearby mitigation bank with the available credits you need to complete your project mitigation. We will complete and distribute a Wetland Conservation Act Banking Plan Application to the appropriate agencies. Completion of a wetland banking application includes a site visit to describe current wetland conditions and completion of all application documentation, including site-specific drawings, descriptions of wetland construction, and monitoring plans. Site plans and/or grading plans necessary for the completion of the Wetland Banking Plan Application will need to be provided by your planners and engineers.


SER cannot guarantee the approval of the wetland banking plan application. However, our experience with the Wetland Conservation Act and our knowledge of the ecology of wetlands will give your project the best possible representation.


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