Natural Area Inventory Services

SER ecologists can perform either a floristic inventory or a complete natural area inventory for your site.


SER staff will systematically examine your site for plant and animal species. We will familiarize ourselves with any rare, threatened, or endangered plant or animal species (henceforth known as “target species”) that may be on your site, familiarizing ourselves with their identifiable characteristics and the characteristics of species that they may be confused with before we enter the field.


Following completion of fieldwork, a report will be prepared describing the procedures, methods, and results of the natural area inventory. The report will include such information as the location of communities that provide habitat for the target species, disturbance factors, and general species associates. The sample areas will be identified by us either on base maps provided by your engineers, or on digital ortho-quads with GPS information gathered by SER on them. Our GPS data can be given to your engineers to include on project plans.

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