Wildlife Habitat Management Planning Services

SER staff will work diligently to help you identify management goals and objectives for your property and to specify particular strategies that will help improve the habitat quality of your property for desired wildlife species. As part of that plan, we can incorporate your specific goals for your site (e.g., timber management practices, enhancing habitat for non-game wildlife species).


Our biologists will first complete a site walkover of your property to characterize the existing resource base. Site characterization includes collecting data on soil types, wildlife productivity suitability, and existing habitat suitability for various wildlife species, focusing on the desired targeted management species.


When we have developed an understanding of the resource base of the land, we will be able to advise you regarding your desired wildlife management goals and objectives, their attainability, and what your financial investment/return would be (if appropriate). We will discuss habitat management goals with you that are both practical and attainable in a reasonable time frame.


SER will create a Wildlife Habitat Management Plan that will document site characteristics, assess habitat management potential, specify management goals, objectives, and alternatives, and describe methods to achieve those goals. The plan will focus on the target wildlife species identified and appropriate management practices to develop and optimize habitat.


As part of your plan, we can offer you restoration services, if appropriate. SER has GPS mapping capability that may prove useful in accurately locating existing and created habitat features, facilitating easy and rapid relocation in the future. GPS mapping also allows for the precise measurement of habitat acreages, perimeter lengths, and distances between habitat patches. In the event that a permit is required for habitat creation (e.g., wetland alteration), GPS data can be used to measure the extent of wetland habitat gained as a result of site alteration.

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