Disturbed Site Restoration Services

A comprehensive wetland restoration plan is crucial for all restored or created wetlands required by the Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act (MWCA) to mitigate wetland impacts. It not only greatly increases chances for immediate success, but will likely reduce costs associated with subsequent mitigation in years to come. Comprehensive restoration plans result in habitats that support functions and values appropriate to the type of community being restored or created. In addition, a wetland Replacement Plan Application that includes a comprehensive restoration plan has a greater chance of being accepted when submitted to the Local Government Unit (LGU), Watershed District, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


Non-wetland areas (upland areas) are often less tightly regulated, but enhancing uplands improves such aspects as the aesthetics, wildlife habitat value, and quality of your land.


To complete a restoration plan for both wetland and upland areas, SER will first gather and review all of the existing data relevant to restoring your site, including existing and historical land use, soil types, water depth and chemistry, and future land use goals. We will use this information to form a practical and logical plan addressing wetland and upland preservation and/or restoration.


SER will conduct a site visit to better inform ourselves on the existing conditions of the site and to collect data that we feel could be critical to developing a sound management plan.


SER will then produce a replacement plan using the information we have available and our knowledge of the site. The written plan will include a general model for the restored area (i.e., what the end result should look like), any necessary soil amendments (such as the addition of clay or organic matter), and grading recommendations if re-contouring is necessary. The plan will also address the treatment of existing vegetation, a native plant list appropriate to the area, sources for plant materials and planting techniques, and monitoring requirements as set forth by the MWCA or other appropriate agencies.


Based on our intricate knowledge of wetland law and ecological knowledge, we can give you a high degree of assurance that your replacement plan will be approved. Our knowledge of ecology will give your project the best possible chances of acceptance.

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