Interpretive Area Planning Services

SER staff has experience in various aspects of interpretive area planning and environmental education. We would be pleased to create interpretive materials for your project site.


SER will conduct a site visit to familiarize ourselves with the project area. During the site visit, we will identify any features that would provide educational and interpretive opportunities, such as river geomorphology, ecological diversity, wildlife habitat, etc. We will also coordinate with design team members and the DNR to incorporate additional ideas into the master plan. Based on the site visit, research, and interoffice communication, we will develop an educational and interpretive master plan that will seek to encompass the essence of your site.


Materials will be designed using themed layouts that are clear and easy to read. Text will be written to be interesting to an audience of varying ages and educational backgrounds. Examples of materials that can be produced by our staff include, but are not limited to, interpretive signs, pamphlets, and displays.

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