Agricultural Land Evaluation Services

With today’s technology, farmers can manage land more productively with precision inputs of fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides. To accomplish that, accurate cropping histories of trouble spots in fields are necessary. Such areas need to be accurately located and need to be monitored for several years to detect emerging low yield patterns.


SER can meet your needs by combining GPS and GIS technology to allow for accurate measurements of fields.


Digital aerial imagery can be combined with GIS and GPS technology or used by itself to provide a detailed and accurate cropping history. This technology can also be used to create an invaluable data set that can be utilized to discover yearly patterns in the nature and degree of change in your agricultural land. Accurate acreage measurements are also important for crop insurance coverage, yield determinations, and damaged acreage calculations in the case of catastrophic storms.


Our digital aerial imaging, GPS, and GIS technology can help you:

  • Detect weed patches
  • Detect soil moisture problems and irrigation equipment failure
  • Assess the extent of insect and disease problems
  • Plan harvest strategy by locating problem areas from year to year
  • Measure crop acreage
  • Detect and monitor wetland areas
  • Measure storm damage acreage

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