Geographic Information Systems

SER routinely provides GPS and GIS services for our clients. Our state of the art equipment will ensure that you get the most accurate results possible.


Precise locations (such as delineated or recently constructed wetland boundaries) will be located using advanced GPS units. Positions will be differentially corrected in real time using signals transmitted by the Coast Guard station in Alma, Wisconsin, or by using a satellite-transmitted differential correction signal. This system is capable of sub-meter accuracy when using real time differential correction in the field.


After field visitation, GPS data points can be downloaded and exported into two file types commonly used by professional surveyors: ArcView and AutoCAD. This will allow for easy integration of as-built mitigation area boundaries into site plans, as well as rapid and accurate calculation of mitigation area acreage. We can also print out copies of your data points overlaid onto an aerial photograph (i.e., a digital ortho-quad or DOQ) for you.

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