Natural Resource Damage Assessment Services

SER can help you determine the cause of natural resource damage on your site. We can also determine the extent of natural resource damage through our GPS services.


Similar to our Phase I and II investigation services, we will conduct a detailed records review of your site. Information from appropriate sources will be utilized to the fullest extent possible to help determine the recentness of the damage. In addition, we will perform such acts as reviewing historical land use information.


Next we will perform a site reconnaissance, which will include visual and physical observation of the property for damage and indications of its causes. Boundaries of the damaged area(s) on the site may be mapped using our GPS system. We can also conduct interviews with the current land owner(s) or others who may have information relevant to how the subject property has been used, as well as its current versus historical condition.


A report documenting our analysis, and the opinions and conclusions we have formed regarding the site will be generated. We will provide a draft copy of the report for your review and comment before we produce it in final form.

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