Environmental Impact Statement Services

SER staff has many years of experience creating Environmental Impact Statements (EIS’s). Our staff members have prepared over 12 state and federal EIS’s over the last 20 years. The goal of an EIS is to address specific issues associated with a project that have the potential for resulting in significant environmental impacts. SER will address these issues of concern and resolve them to the satisfaction of the reviewing agencies and the public.


SER scientists understand the EIS process and assist our clients in bringing significant environmental issues into focus. We also understand that outside interests often draw attention to insignificant or irrelevant issues in order to delay your project’s approval. SER will focus on what is important and educate citizen groups on relevant issues so that decisions are made on the basis of fact.


EIS projects that SER has been involved in include the Taconite Open Pit Mine in Gilbert, MN. We managed the preparation of this EIS for a 1,200 acre open pit mining and waste rock disposal project. This was the first consultant-prepared EIS completed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in over 10 years.


SER was also involved in the Hennepin County Landfill Siting. SER managed the preparation of natural resources and engineering tasks for this EIS performed for the Hennepin County Department of Environment and Energy. Management tasks included the evaluation of vegetation, wildlife, wetlands, agricultural lands, traffic, air quality, noise, and visual impacts, as well as project scheduling and budgeting.


A third example of an EIS our company was involved in is the Prior Lake Sanitary Trunk Sewer in Prior Lake, MN. This EIS was prepared for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. We managed the preparation of an EIS examining the potential impacts of the construction of a sanitary trunk sewer line around the north shore of Prior Lake. The project included the evaluation of engineering design and evaluation of the site for sensitive plant and animal species.

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