College Courses

Frank Svoboda, President of SER, has taught college courses at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities campus.


In spring 2000, Mr. Svoboda taught NRES 3000 Colloquium: Natural Resources and Environmental Studies: NRES Consulting: Private Sector.

The purpose of this colloquium was to present information about the various employment opportunities that are available locally, regionally, and nationally to natural resources program graduates, as well as information about how to prepare for a career in natural resources. A range of employment opportunities were examined, including local, regional, state and federal government; private consulting firms; commercial and industrial companies; non-profit organizations; and self-employment. Students learned how to evaluate themselves for a best career fit, how to select companies that are best suited to their career aspirations, and how to prepare a resume and complete job applications. They were given the opportunity to ask questions of guest speakers from various local groups in both the public and private sector.


In Fall 2000, Mr. Svoboda taught NRES 3000 Colloquium: Natural Resources and Environmental Studies: GPS/Digital Imaging Technology.

The purpose of this colloquium was to stimulate the integration of technologies into natural resource research and management challenges by presenting students with information about GPS, GIS, DOQs, remote sensing, and digital imaging. This was done through classroom lectures and limited field exercises. Students were introduced to concepts and applications of GIS, uses of GIS in the field of natural resources, and availability of digital imaging through library collections and custom flights. Case studies were presented, and guest speakers presented examples of a variety of applications of GIS, GPS, and aerial imaging.


Frank Svoboda was on the 2000-2001 Board of Directors for the University of Minnesota’s College of Natural Resources Alumni Society.

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