Wildlife Hazard Management Plans

The purpose of a WHMP is to create a strategy to reduce the wildlife hazards and habitat attractiveness identified as part of the WHA. Some of the recommendations can be implemented on the airport property but others may require the cooperation of surrounding landowners as well as ordinances by city or county governments.


Some recommendations apply directly to the wildlife involved and may include harassment to scare wildlife off the airport, relocation of individuals to locations remote from the airport or in some cases or chronic reoccurrence, lethal removal.


Other measures include modification of habitat such as the removal or screening off of occupied nesting areas, mechanisms to make on-airport wetlands unattractive, modifying the use of surrounding agricultural or other land around the airport or converting attractive habitat to another type.


Preparing a WHMP that meets the standards and requirements of the FAA can be time consuming or confusing. The airport wildlife biologists at SER are qualified to prepare a WHMP for you or to provide you with the technical advice necessary to complete the process to the satisfaction of the FAA.


Sometimes an airport manager is confronted by what seems to be an unsolvable wildlife problem. If that is your case, give an SER airport wildlife biologist a call and describe your situation to us. We may be able to help.

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