About SER

Welcome to Svoboda Ecological Resources

In 1991 Frank and Joan Svoboda had the vision to establish a quality professional organization for those needing ecological services. Utilizing expertise developed during Frank’s 30 year natural resource career, they founded Franklin J. Svoboda and Associates, Inc. Since that time Svoboda Ecological Resources (SER) has become a leader in providing wetland and natural resource services and is known throughout the nation for providing the highest quality service. This leadership is the product of a highly qualified staff and an extensive network of nationally renowned scientists and legal experts. At SER, our clients’ needs are important to us.


SER knows and understands both the needs of our clients and the regulatory community. Our slogan, Providing the Sharper Edge in Natural Resources & Environmental Consulting, captures the essence of how we serve our clients, the community, and the environment. Our experience over the years has allowed SER to successfully develop a strategy based on scientific principles that creates a middle ground between the often competing agendas of regulators and developers


The SER approach is successful because it is based on scientific data. We are applied ecologists and natural resource specialists, not theorists. We get the job done for our clients. We have been highly successful on projects that involve difficult issues or lands that are constrained by political or technical limitations.

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